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Your guide to a healthy inspired diet and a healthy inspired you!

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The Food Tarot Reveals: The easiest and most fun way to make your own personal diet. No more fads. No more counting anything.

This fun and playful book/card set will teach you how to use your intuition to make the very best food choices for your body, mind, and spirit.

In The Food Tarot You Will Discover...

  • How to choose foods perfect for you

    Have you ever been confused about what to eat? Have you tried a bunch of different diets only to fall off because they were too hard to maintain? You want a diet and way of eating that is doable, personal, and easy enough to keep up. You want to feel really fed by what you eat and good about what you put in your body. The Food Tarot will show you the way to choosing foods that will feed you on all levels; body, mind and spirit.

  • How to use your food intuition

    Do you trust yourself when making food choices? Is there that little voice in your head that says you want some honey only to be overruled by the voice of reason saying you need a veggie. Your intuition is one of the very best tools you have for making food choices that are just right for you in each moment. The Food Tarot teaches you how to tune into your intuition so you can make wise and yummy diet choices.

  • How to use your food to tune into your spirituality

    You eat everyday, but chances are a lot of times you are just eating to eat. Food has deep spiritual significance and can help you to see the mystical in even the most mundane of acts (i.e. EATING!). In the Food Tarot every food has a spiritual meaning. Every time you eat that food you will be reminded of that symbolism. Eating this way will help you to transform you relationship to food from necessity into the sacred.

What exactly is The Food Tarot?

  • The Food Tarot: A Guide to Intuitional Eating is your key to a fresh new holistic relationship with food. The 193 page book provides recipes, nutritional facts, helpful hints, and insights into each food and their meanings. The 42 cards (2.5″x3.5″) of original color artwork illustrate the food and its associated meaning. There are also six blank cards included so you can add foods that aren’t in the deck already. The cards come in a mini-organza bag…take them on the go to the grocery store or Farmer’s Market!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Food Tarot

"I keep The Food Tarot on the counter in front of my cutting board and every time I bring a food to my center of preparation I reach for The Food Tarot to learn its significance. As time has gone on and I have read more than once the meaning each food brings to my body, mind and spirit, the significance of the foods highlighted in Katy's book have become infused in my being. Its very exciting to crave an apple and know that my body is pointing to 'wisdom' through the knowledge Katy has illuminated in her writing. I then reflect on how it applies to me in the moment or pick up the book for more direction. I highly recommend The Food Tarot to anyone on a spiritual journey who has a true passion for food!

- , Siobhan, Los Osos, CA

"I love your book and the information about each food. The range of foods is small enough to support my effort to get back on track. The idea of tarot cards and using them to get out of food ruts is novel and effective. I am so excited to share the Food Tarot with all my friends!"

- Suzann, Oakhurst, CA

I am enjoying The Food Tarot and I wanted to share my experience. I had been concentrating on blueberries (trust), bananas (independence), and melon (letting go). One morning I put on a pink jacket with heart buttons that I have had for six years. It was from before I lost weight and it did not quite fit but I was reluctant to toss it. After putting it on and looking at myself in the mirror, I took it off, cut off the buttons and threw out the jacket. I realized that this is what I need to do with my life, keep the best and dump the rest. The Food Tarot helped me come to this conclusion.

- Megan, Morro Bay, CA

The Food Tarot should be sitting on every kitchen shelf! It is an inspirational educational guide that teaches you how to develop your food intuition. It includes delicious healthy recipes and beautiful artwork that inspires your taste buds and raises your consciousness through healthy eating and living.

- Emily, Carpinteria, CA

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Buy Now For Only $29.95